Matthias Forkel is a junior professor for Environmental Remote Sensing at TU Dresden, Germany (since 09/2019). His research focus on the development and application of Earth observation products to monitor and model environmental processes (fire, vegetation dynamics, vegetation moisture, phenology, photosynthesis, biomass) and to assess climate impacts on vegetation, fires, and the global carbon cycle.

He was a post-doctoral researcher in the Climate and Environmental Remote Sensing Group at TU Wien, Vienna, Austria (01/2016-08/2019). The post-doctoral research was partly funded by an ESA Living Planet Fellowship (CCI4SOFIE, CCI data for assessing soil moisture controls on fire emissions, 02/2016-01/2018). He received the PhD degree from the University Jena and the Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry Jena, Germany, in 2015. 


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