The Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) is the Dutch national weather service and centre for climate research. The institute combines in house operational as well as strategic research tasks. As an integral part of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment KNMI provides advice on weather and climate to national, regional and local authorities on a day-to-day basis. KNMI is participating in many European projects on both climate and space research and keeps close ties with many of its stakeholders.

KNMI has a long-standing experience and expertise with satellite missions observing atmospheric composition KNMI hosts the Principal Investigator for the Sentinel-5 Precursor (TROPOMI).

Within the division Research and Development, Weather and Climate Modelling, the TM5 chemistry and aerosol model ( has been co-developed and maintained, which forms an important building block in many modelling and retrieval applications. KNMI has been involved during all phases of the development of the Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS), in particular the design and evaluation of the module for trace gases in the global system. As part of a Europe-wide consortium KNMI is one of the lead developers of the composition component in EC-Earth, an Earth System Model to study future climate, with contributions to international climate change projections such as CMIP5.


  • Vincent Huijnen

    Vincent Huijnen is a senior scientist at the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute, and has a decade of research experience in the field of atmospheric chemistry. He is one of the main co-developers of the atmospheric chemistry module integrated in the IFS system, which is currently operational in CAMS. Together with a partner from HYGEOS, Vincent currently coordinates the CAMS model development on global reactive gases and aerosol.

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  • Jos de Laat

    Jos de Laat is a research scientist with 15+ years of experience on atmospheric composition research with a focus on remote sensing, but a wide range of interests. Jos represents KNMI and the division on R&D Satellites cooperating nationally and internationally, including, for instance, the WMO group on Ozone Assessment.

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  • Martin de Graaf

    Martin de Graaf is a researcher at KNMI, responsible for the development of aerosol products for the atmospheric Sentinel missions. His research interests are the climate effects of aerosols, studied using both ground-based and space-based remote sensing techniques.

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