Martin de Graaf is a researcher at KNMI, responsible for the development of aerosol products for the atmospheric Sentinel missions. His research interests are the climate effects of aerosols, studied using both ground-based and space-based remote sensing techniques.

He received a PhD degree for the retrieval and interpretation of AAI from satellite spectrometers and developed the ALH for S5P. He received an ESA Living Planet grant (2009) and a Dutch NWO research grant (2012) to investigate the radiative effect of biomass burning smoke over clouds from space. He led the TU Delft contribution to the CLARIFY-2017/ORACLES/AEROCLO-Sa and LASIC measurement campaigns (2016-2017), which focused on the effects of African smoke on clouds and the climate over the south-east Atlantic Ocean, combining space-borne remote sensing, in-situ measurements from aircraft, and ground-based remote sensing on Ascension Island.