Dr. Alfred Awotwi is a Post-Doctoral Research Associate and Tutor in Water Science at Cardiff University, United Kingdom since 03/2021. His research is focused on the assessment of impacts of land use changes on ecosystems and hydrology. During his PhD program (2015-2019) Alfred worked on a World Bank sponsored project at the Africa Centre of Excellence, where he assessed the impact of anthropogenic activities and climate change on water balance components.

He received his PhD in 2019 from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana. He was appointed as a Lecturer in 2018 at University for Development Studies, Ghana. In recent studies, he combined satellite observations and in-situ measurements to evaluate (i) the influence of climate change on streamflow (Awotwi et al., 2021), (ii) impacts of post-reclamation of soil by various types of mining on water balance components and sediment yield (Awotwi et al., 2021) and (iii) water balance responses to present and future land-use/land-cover changes (Awotwi et al., 2019). These studies have supported regional stakeholders to apply cost-effective adaptative strategies to reduce the impact of various land-uses and support sustainable land management.


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